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Enjoy family and friends, new adventures, and long-awaited celebrations. Let's not lose another minute of time together. Vaccines allow us to enjoy the things we love without worrying about serious COVID-19 infections.

COVID-19 Vax + Booster.
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Don't stress over COVID-19. Get your booster dose today.

Check to see if you are eligible for the booster now by reviewing the latest CDC booster dose guidance.

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Let’s return to family reunions and the joy of kids being kids. Protect the ones that are most important to you. Find out how vaccines can help keep your family safe from COVID-19.

Click below to read the latest CDC guidance for COVID-19 pediatric vaccines or talk to your pediatrician.

CDC Guidance

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Protecting our communities is essential. To find a free vaccine or COVID-19 testing location in your community, contact your local health department.

"Receiving the COVID-19 vaccine allowed me to affect change and turn faith into action. I believe the vaccine helps save lives, stabilize our economy, and ensure a safer future for generations to come. I encourage all to take action and be vaccinated."

Antwone S.

"I received the shot for the health and safety of others, including my parents who are over 65. I caught COVID-19 8 days after I got married in June. This was probably the hardest thing because I couldn’t be around my husband or kids who all tested negative. God really tested my vows real soon. Being enclosed in a room for 14 days with body aches, loss of taste and smell was no joke. The shot was something to truly be thankful for, especially because it can protect me and others around me."

Shayla P., Brunswick

"I am proud to be part of the solution to our COVID-19 problem by being vaccinated. There are many people who cannot get vaccinated, or who do not have a strong immune response to the vaccine, and I wanted to help keep those people in my community safe even though I don’t know them. I also have an immunocompromised parent and so for my family it was very important to use all safety measures available."

Alys, Savannah

Don't let the risk of COVID-19 infection slow you down. COVID-19 vaccines plus booster. It's that simple.

Learn how people throughout Georgia have stayed safe thanks to the COVID-19 vaccine.